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We strive to provide current and relevant advice and support to Our Customers to help them make informed decisions about their businesses or process management.
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ThinkBiznes - An Ambitious Project

Creating value within the entrepreneurial ecosystem to help create sustainable businesses
Roland Gilbertson, Founder, Producer, Mentor

Roland Gilbertson

Thinking Differently

As an entrepreneur, I understand how difficult it can be when developing your business model to fit your target market. Figuring out revenue models, product-pricing, marketing and management strategy can all be an exciting but challenging, and especially, for those developing services or product prototypes, raising finance or seed investment can be a nightmare. We are here to help and make the process easier and seamless.

My personal objective is to - "Connect Entrepreneurs with great Ideas to Real Opportunities and On-going Business Development Support" to build businesses that can continue to create value, innovate and make a difference.

Roland Gilbertson, Founder, Producer, MentorFounder & Consultant

For most people, building and managing a business has been a burning ambition. But at the core of this principled activity is a desire to solve problems for others.

I also believe every business or potential business ideas to have a unique and often other hidden values. Our journey to help entrepreneurs and business managers create or manage sustainable businesses is based on a relationship of discovery, learning and sharing - those values.

At the core of this thinking, is our focus on the dynamics of human interactions, challenges and behaviours to understand business, it's value proposition and how it solves everyday problems - and at the least, how it can make a difference in the dynamic and fast evolving global landscapes.

Thank you for stopping by and taking time to engage. Let's #CreateSomethingBeautifulTogether .