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What business development classes can one take to better prepare them for entrepreneurship?


Amongst the numerous questions I get asked by Entrepreneurs starting out, I was once asked - "Can you recommend a course or masterclasses that can benefit my career as an entrepreneur?" and added, I am looking for a course that I can attend as well as any recommended classes for my team members; all at different levels of their entrepreneurial journeys - beginner, moderate and advanced stages.

The short answer is yes. There are numerous courses and programmes out there that can help you prepare for entrepreneurship.

The most important course you can take, however, would have to combine a number of disciplines and learning structures that will enable you to develop self awareness, leadership qualities and a thorough understanding of the business landscapes.

The discovery - Some can help you with visualisation whilst others may be able to help with understanding the processes involved. A helpful hint will be to find yourself a mentor, and preferably, someone in your line of work who has built a similar business or managing a similar one within your sector. Afterall, business is about people first and then processes. The trick is making it (fluid) gel.

The Learning - Whilst one size doesn't fit all, your development or success will also be dependent on your (business) ideas, the problem you're trying to solve, the value proposition and most importantly - YOU.

A Shared Experience - Having completed an entrprepreneurial programme myself 2yrs ago, I can assure you, it can be enlightening but it will ultimately depend on whether your expectations are met from the experiences it offers - and in my case it did - and I now offer the same experience to my mentees.

The impact - Be under no illusion that these programmes will help you become successful, indeed,most of them can and will help you "think differently" - coining my own tagline - about business and how to build one.



As a mentor and business coach, I'm happy to share my experinces on what to look for, how to determine if it meets your expectations and most importantly, preparing to jump into these murky waters.

Hope this helps and feel free to comment or connect if I can be of further help.

Get in touch if you found it usefel and would like some more help with preparing for entrepreneurship, turning your ideas into a business or indeed starting up in business.

The Team


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