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Let's cut to the chase. Brand strategy is business strategy. If applied well, it will differentiate your brand positioning to create an advantage in the market landscape. Great brands align a distinct voice with an unmistakable visual presence. Great brands know what they stand for and invite like minds along for the ride in welcome and unexpected ways. What ties it all together is a strong brand culture built on a clear sense of purpose and values.

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At ThinkBiznes, we design purpose-driven brands from the ground up, and we work with established brands, bringing smart, results-oriented design to everything from websites to packaging. Before we even begun on this journey, we learnt a thing or two and since learned a bit more. Today, we are still learning, but more importantly, learning from those we work with about "their brand" and how they visualise it. The key here, is to allow us to continue pushing the boundaries by engaging with brand owners to bring out the connection they have to their brand and overtly make their audiences share in that plight. This has served us well.

Adding Value

Here's how we can help you tell your Brand's story

We like to keep it simple.

Which means, identifying the source of the brands life that connects with it's audience - simple ideas that stand out. We crave simplicity. 

Give it wings

Contrary to what most people will argue, our decision making processes occur in the emotional centers of our brains. White space is great, but if you fail to connect with your core audience on an emotional level, they will cheat on you.

What about making it interesting.

Well, human beings respond or react to changes around them at various levels of our consciousness. Most people are programmed to notice differences more than others but the latter may also have an emotional connection . In the age of "brands and branding, IP ownerships, and the rest, it will serve your brand best to focus on it's interaction with humans and at every level possible

The beautiful thing about building a brand around your core beliefs is that your initial idea 'however complex' can be kept simple, humanly connected and interesting to make it feel natural. See below for how we can help.

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There are some fundamental steps that every business can take to get their business in front of their customers. We can help you apply a "different thinking" about creating engaging content and developing strategies to enable you reach your target audience your business .

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If this is of interest to you or know someone that can benefit at this stage in their entrepreneurial journey, you can schedule a FREE APPOINTMENT to talk about it, we'd love to hear from you.

The Seven Steps Process to Branding of Your Business.

How to Design and Build A Brand Identity

Step 1

The Challenge

A new project, (YOUR BRAND) a new opportunity, and a clean slate. - Develop a number of creative concepts.

Step 2

The Research

The Familiariasation Process - With The Brand, Products and Services (Who is the client and who are you trying to reach?

Step 3

The Ideas Stage

Brainstorming possible creative ideas regarding the brand. The most important aspects of this process is to look for opportunities from ideas.

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Step 4

Connecting The Dots

Look for and identify patterns and opportunities that magnifies and tells the story - content. Identifying the gaps and connections between goals and ideas. Additional research on how to reach the goals and fit within current constraints? Opportunities, Drawbacks...etc.

Step 5

The 2nd Thought Process

Reflections on all the ideas and concepts developed.
At this stage, we have an opportunity to re-visit all of the concepts and methodology applied.

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Step 6

The Platform and Space

The realisation process. Inspiration and motivation form only the starting point of creativity, not the final product. The next step is to prototype the idea, generate feedback and be subjective, reconsidering original goals and making sure the ideas meet them.

Step 7

Piecing the Puzzle

Begin the final stage with enthusiasm. Overseeing workflow with great consideration and care to make sure that the final content is created to specifications.

Step 8

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Why choose Us

We work with entrepreneurs, new to business development, existing business owners and management teams to develop effective and sound strategies that are aligned with sector opportunities, trends and the changing business landscapes.

As entrepreneurs, we fully understand the difficulties that come with developing a business model to fit your ideas and the target market. Figuring out revenue models, product-pricing, marketing and management strategy can all be an exciting but challenging, and especially, for those developing services or product prototypes to test the market, positioning and value proposition.

We're here to help

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Our Mission

For most people, building and managing a business has been a burning ambition. But at the core of this principled activity is a desire to solve problems for others.

At ThinkBiznes, we believe every business or potential business ideas to have a unique and often other hidden values. Our mission, simply defined, is to journey along with entrepreneurs, business managers and marketers, helping them to create or manage sustainable businesses based on a relationship of discovery, engagement, learning and sharing. Business after all is about people and works better when we all share the same values.

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What you get

Whether you're starting a New Business or looking to grow one, we work with you to create more value for your business.

Our Applications and Business "Stage Focus" Strategies Toolkit is FREE and included with every Membership Package. When you create value with us, we reward you with continued Business Support Strategies and help to build and grow your business.

Let's start a conversation around developing a new business, growing an existing one or simply revolutionising your brand.

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