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Brand Strategy is Business Strategy

Branding Your Business...!

Building your Brand with Values & that align with your Customers'

All successful brands have mastered the art of connecting with their customers beyond the offerings of their products or services. Fundamentally, a good branding strategy outlines the most important elements of your business, it's products or services, defines your company’s ultimate purpose in the world and fully understands your target customers.

Your brand's strategy and goals, will be a result - your blueprint for what’s most important to your company and aligns with your customers.

To describe and develop an effective branding strategy, every business must have a full understanding of and answer, amongst others, three most important questions

Watch the video below for some tips on how to develop effective brand srategies.

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What sets you (your business) apart from your competitors

One of the foremost and important questions to ask is - Why should people buy from you instead of another business offering the same product across the road or in the marketplace? In answering this question, it is important to think about the intangible qualities of your products or services, using connective adjectives from “friendly” to “fast” and every word in between. Your ultimate goal during this exercise, is to own a position in the customer’s mind so they think differently of you than the competition.

“Powerful" brands - note the word (powerful) will own a word that connects with their target customers expectations when deciding on who to buy from — for instance like Volvo [owns] safety, Nike [owns] and BMW [own] ultimate .

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Which word will your company own? A new real estate agency may focus on the adjective "effort" or a beauty salon focussing on the adjective “convenient” and stay open a few hours later in the evening for customers who work late— something no other local salon might do.

How will you (your business and brand) be different from the competition? The answers are valuable assets that constitute the basis of your brand strategy and blueprint.

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How well do you know your customer(s)

Creating Your Customer Persona

Knowing your customer is probably one of the important benchmarks in helping any business design an effective brand strategy.

Once you’ve defined your product or service, you need to think carefully about your target customer(s). If you have already conducted your market research and gathered demographic information about the market you’re entering, at this point, you need to think about the actual customers who are going to be walking in through your door or calling your services booking line.

Your customer persona drills down to your core target customer, What type of person(s) this is, Who's this or these person(s) are, and what is the one thing they ultimately want from your (products or services).

Your customer persona data should also include information about the reasons why the customer is buying from you and not elsewhere, What will your customer demand from you, and most importantly, how you can meet the changing needs of the customer. More about customer engagement is detailed here.

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Developing your Brand's Identity

Giving It Personality

How will you show customers every day what you’re all about? A lot of small companies write mission statements that say the company will “value” customers and strive for “excellent customer service.”

Unfortunately, these words are all talk, and no action. Dig deeper and think about how you’ll fulfill your brand’s promise and provide value and service to the people you serve.

If you promise quick service, for example, what will “quick” mean inside your company? And how will you make sure service stays speedy? Along the way, you’re laying the foundation of your hiring strategy and how future employees will be expected to interact with customers. You’re also creating the template for your advertising and marketing strategies.

Most companies struggle when it comes to incorporating employees (as brand ambassadors) into their branding strategies. Your customers view your employees as your brand ambassadors and to the customer making a purchase, your employee represents your company. It is therefore extremely important to integrate your employees into your brand (value) propositioning strategy - and don’t forget them.

We at work with businesses to help them develop and execute branding processes accross sectors. This knowledge enables us to uniquely develop effective sector strategies that enable brands to increase awareness through positioning and placement whilst creating measureable social impact through value propositioning and more...! Find out more here

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