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Let's Think Differently about the Design to Build Your Business Models and Strategies.

Building Scalable and Sustainable Businesses
Roland Gilbertson, Founder, Producer, Mentor

Roland Gilbertson

Thinking Differently

As an entrepreneur, I understand how difficult it can be when developing your business model to fit your target market. Figuring out revenue models, product-pricing, marketing and management strategy can all be an exciting but challenging, and especially, for those developing services or product prototypes to test their markets and their business's value proposition.

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For most new businesses, the models themselves present a number of risks that are underpinned by untested hypothesis and unvalidated concepts. This can however, be overcome through the "learning" and "application" of process execution, leveraging sector insights to gain traction or attract investment for growth.

So, Where do you begin..., to tell your story

Well, there are some fundamental steps that every new entrepreneur can take to get their business from idea to launch stages. We can help you apply a "different thinking" about building, managing and growing your business . Spare a couple of minutes to watch the video below.

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Your journey from ideation through launch to building a sustainable business won’t be like most processes, simply because there is no guarantee for success. All you can do is adapt your idea and see what works. If at first you don’t succeed with it, try and try again until you do.

Perhaps you would like to schedule a FREE APPOINTMENT to discuss your plan. We'd love to hear from you . You can also get a little help from us by subscribing to our RSS Feed and Newsletter which carries topics, information and strategies relevant to Business Development and How to navigate the murky landscape of business from Ideation to Launch and beyond.

Mentoring Entrepreneurs & Coaching Business Owners

At the core of Our Value Proposition

We at ThinkBiznes recognise the difficulties in getting from the idea stages of your business to launching your business, so again, we came up with a solution.

One to one mentoring at any stage of a business owner or developer's life can be invaluable and we believe, by investing human as well as business knowledge and access to financial capital, we are able to add more value to the already comprehensive Stage Focus Strategies available to our mentees who can focus on managing their businesses.

Disclaimer: All Media presented on this website are Copyrighted to their respective owners.

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We mentor entrepreneurs, new to the world of business, to fully understand the processes and help with all aspects of designing & building your business, including; planning, product/service development, customer engagement, pricing, innovating, data management, timings (market entry), de-risking, investment, marketing and other relevant actions and benchmarks necessary to define your business, what it is you want to do and how best to measure and test your readiness for the world of business and more importantly your business' readiness.

Business is merely about people and problem solving. It is fundamentally about offering a "solution" to a problem and how that solution can be built upon or adapted to meet the changing or growing needs of the "people" who benefit from it.

Adding Value

We can help you mindmap your business idea, develop, test and validate the concepts to help you plan, write and present your business for all purposes, including; partnership development, investment or even cause marketing.

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If this is of interest to you or know someone that can benefit at this stage in their entrepreneurial journey, you can schedule a FREE APPOINTMENT using the link below.

We hope this has been useful to you. Do feel free to get in touch, connect with us, contact us, or share this page using the link below.

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Why choose Us

We work with entrepreneurs, new to business development, existing business owners and management teams to develop effective and sound strategies that are aligned with sector opportunities, trends and the changing business landscapes.

As entrepreneurs, we fully understand the difficulties that come with developing a business model to fit your ideas and the target market. Figuring out revenue models, product-pricing, marketing and management strategy can all be an exciting but challenging, and especially, for those developing services or product prototypes to test the market, positioning and value proposition.

We're here to help


Our Mission

For most people, building and managing a business has been a burning ambition. But at the core of this principled activity is a desire to solve problems for others.

At ThinkBiznes, we believe every business or potential business ideas to have a unique and often other hidden values. Our mission, simply defined, is to journey along with entrepreneurs, business managers and marketers, helping them to create or manage sustainable businesses based on a relationship of discovery, engagement, learning and sharing. Business after all is about people and works better when we all share the same values.

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What you get

Whether you're starting a New Business or looking to grow one, we work with you to create more value for your business.

Our Applications and Business "Stage Focus" Strategies Toolkit is FREE and included with every Membership Package. When you create value with us, we reward you with continued Business Support Strategies and help to build and grow your business.

Let's start a conversation around developing a new business, growing an existing one or simply revolutionising your brand.

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Just wanted to say thank you for all the help, advice and support I received. I feel well informed and confident going forward with building my business.

Mrs Codjoe Slate Inc.

Thank you for your expertise and insights. We feel very confident about taking our business to the next level from here on.

Mr Fedorov TopParcel

Impartial, Professional and Quality Advice - straight to the point. Thanks for all your help, support and guidance!

Mr Todd Bluemoon Services.